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Thank you for your interest in fostering a Smiling Dog!

Foster parents are the most important aspect of any rescue. SDR gets dozens of emails and calls a week begging us to save the lives of dogs in imminent danger of being put to sleep. Since we don’t have a shelter, the number of foster homes that step forward dictates how many lives we are able to save.

saturday 283In order to get involved in this important mission we ask that you fill out this application.  Please realize that when bringing home a new animal you are responsible for the safety and actions of that animal. They do not know what is happening and need guidance and time to adjust. You must be able to supervise them and we cannot be liable for anything that gets chewed, soiled etc.  Please understand that these animals are under the legal guardianship of Smiling Dog Rescue until officially adopted. As a Smiling Dog Rescue foster parent, all medical expenses, spay/neuter, shots and microchipping of your foster dog are covered by Smiling Dog Rescue — but you MUST use the vet that we specify.  Assistance for food and other supplies may be available upon request.  Many shelters puts down over 50% of the animals who come through their doors and in most shelters, pit bulls make up an inordinate percentage of those euthanized.  Without the support and presence of fosters within our community, many wonderful, friendly animals could never make it out of the shelter alive.

Thank you for your compassion and energy towards this important mission.

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